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ConeBrite – BriteAngle Traffic Cone Mounting Bracket

ConeBrite – BriteAngle Traffic Cone Mounting Bracket

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ConeBrite is a bracket that securely mounts a BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle on a standard traffic cone.

Instead of relying solely on a traffic cone’s reflective properties to illuminate a cordoned off area, a mounted BriteAngle warns oncoming traffic of work crew locations from over 300 yards day or night.

The added height of a BriteAngle on a cone improves visibility over the brow of a hill, a blind curve, or any other potential hindrance to work team visibility.

Typical deployments of BriteAngles using ConeBrites on traffic cones include:

  • Underground Utility locating tasks
  • Survey crews
  • Elevated power line tree trimming  
  • Public Works construction projects
  • Utility pole maintenance and repair

Conebrites are $5 each when purchased with BriteAngless.  Bought separately they are sold in batches of ten.          They are included FREE with the purchase of 20 or more BriteAngles.

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