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BriteAngle Flashing LED Warning Triangle

BriteAngle Flashing LED Warning Triangle

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Emergency Visibility

  • High intensity flashing LEDs from three 18" legs of the triangle are visible over 300 yards  
  • Sets up in seconds with automatic On-Off Power Saving Switch
  • 4 AA Long-life batteries - included - provide 20+ hours of flashing or steady protection
  • Rugged compact storage case - 18" x 4" x 2" - doubles as deployment stand
  • Back up battery storage and vertical deployment accessories in storage case
  • Withstands winds to 45 mph

Stay safe during roadside emergencies with high-intensity LED warning triangles that let drivers know you’re there from over 300 yards away!

If you’ve ever had a flat tire or broken down on the side of the road, you know how dangerous it can be with cars flying right by you while you’re out of your vehicle; especially at night when you can’t be seen. That’s why we created the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle, high-intensity emergency equipment that combines passive reflective panels with active LED lights so you can be seen over 300 yards away. Protect yourself, your family and your vehicle by avoiding a potential accident; get the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle today!

  • Trucking companies augment the three reflective triangles they carry with one BriteAngle for extra protection of their six figure rigs for less than $50.00.
  • Trailering horses or boats is safer with BriteAngles available should a breakdown occur where unloading is dangerous and often not possible.
  • Collector and classic car owners know their "pride and joy" will have extra visibility in an emergency.
  • Motorhome and RV owners can set up a safety perimeter while awaiting help in problem situations.
  • BriteAngles are safer and less expensive than flares.  They eliminate fire, pollution, and toxic fume dangers while often costing 30-40% less than flares. 
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