Be Safe – Be Seen!

The Ultimate Active LED Road Safety Warning Triangles

Imagine being on the side of the road with a flat tire or a dead battery and suddenly being struck by another car because the driver didn’t see you. Federal crash statistics report an estimated 71,693 people were involved in disabled vehicle accidents each year between 2016-2018. Of those, 566 people were killed and 14,371 injured in crashes involving a disabled vehicle in which visibility was likely a factor (Read Article). BriteAngle Warning Triangles help other drivers see you from a safe distance and help prevent your worst nightmare.

Stay Safe in Any Roadside Emergency!

Roadside Breakdowns

Inclement Weather Delays

Passenger Medical Emergency

Fatigued Driver Rest Stops

Dead Battery – No Flashers

Stand Alone BriteAngle – All Weather, Day and Night Use – Viewing Distance: Up to 300m (900ft) – Uses 4 x AA batteries (included) BriteAngle Warning Triangle Size Unfolded: 450mm x 450mm x 450mm (18in x 18in x 18in)

BriteAngle Saves Lives

and Prevents Injuries


LED Road and Traffic Signs are more effective and visible than older passive warning triangles, which merely reflect the light from a motorists’ headlights. Even in daylight, a broken-down car isn’t as visible as you might think. It may not be obvious to oncoming traffic that you are stationary (until it’s too late). Using BriteAngle LED lights when you breakdown increases the effective distance and time to be seen, which helps to avoid potential accidents both for both you and oncoming traffic. In a nutshell, BriteAngle Warning Triangles help save lives and prevent injuries.

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when seatbelts were not mandatory. Some countries in Europe are ahead of the times by making warning triangles a legal requirement. In the UK, it is recommended drivers carry a warning triangle. These countries have already recognized the ultimate safety of warning triangles.

Happy Customers

“Carrying a BriteAngle in the boot of our car gives us peace of mind when out and about, particularly when we have our grandchildren.
We bought a warning triangle from a garage years ago and it was useless – flimsy and ineffective. The BriteAngle doesn’t even compare – it’s so easy to use, robust and really well made. We don’t go anywhere without it!”


“An excellent product, very well made, good quality and good value for money – especially with the discount.
Every car should have one of these. It’s something you may never need to use, all being well, but it could save your life.
Why didn’t someone come up with this idea before? It’s so simple, it’s brilliant – literally!”