• Portable

    BriteAngle flashing LED triangles are incredibly compact and lightweight. They fit effortlessly into your trunk.

  • Powerful & Bright

    Powerful LED lights provide 300 yards of increased visibility over reflective triangles at night or in fog, smoke, rain, or snow.

  • Quick & Easy Setup

    We truly hope you never need a BriteAngle. But, if you do, an automated on-off switch activates them in seconds.

  • Instant protection

    Carrying a BriteAngle LED triangle is a big step toward avoiding the agony of being hit by oncoming traffic should you experience a roadside breakdown.

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How prepared are you for a roadside emergency?

Imagine your vehicle is disabled and suddenly struck by an oncoming vehicle that didn’t see you. This situation killed 566 people and injured 14,371 within two years. Low visibility was likely a factor. (Read Article)


How do I initiate a return or refund for a product I purchased from Road Safety Supplies?

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Is there a time limit for returning products to Road Safety Supplies?

Yes, 30 days.

What should I do if I receive a damaged or defective product from Road Safety Supplies?

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