BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle – Discounted for AAA and Professional Truck Drivers


High-intensity LED Emergency Warning Triangle.

Emergency Visibility

  • LEDs visible over 300 yards
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Long-life batteries included
  • Strong compact storage case
  • Withstands winds to 45 mph
  • Automatic On-Off Power Saving Switch
  • 25% Cheaper than flares plus no fire or pollution danger

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AAA & Professional Trucker Special Discounts

  • 2-4 $48 each / Save 13%
  • 5+ $45 each / Save 18%

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  • Improved Visual Safety – Crafted with high-intensity LEDs, BriteAngles combine an ultra-reflective surface with bright lights to ensure you can be seen.
  • Flashing LED Lights – BriteAngle bright lights are visible up to 300 yards both day and night no matter the weather.
  • Wind, Rain, Fog, Smoke and Weather Resistant – Strong enough to withstand a heavy downpour and 45 mph winds, alerting oncoming drivers in any condition.
  • Compact, Foldable Storage – Great for cars, motorhomes, SUVs, trucks, trailers and more. Keep it in the trunk of your vehicle just in case you have a flat or breakdown.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction – Designed, tested and produced in the UK, the BriteAngle warning triangle is backed by unbeatable quality assurance and true reliability.
  • Cheaper than Flares - Get the same functionality without fire, pollution or vapor danger from flares while saving 25+%.

Stay safe during roadside emergencies with high-intensity LED warning triangles that let drivers know you’re there from over 300 yards away! If you’ve ever had a flat tire or broken down on the side of the road, you know how dangerous it can be with cars flying right by you while you’re out of your vehicle; especially at night when you can’t be seen. That’s why we created the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle, with high-intensity emergency equipment that combines passive reflective panels with active LED lights so you can be seen over 300 yards away. Protect yourself, your family and your vehicle by avoiding a potential accident; get the BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle today!   Product Details:

    • Flashing Warning Triangle
    • High-Intensity LED Lights
    • Compact, Foldable Design
    • All-Weather, Day and Night Use
    • Viewing Distance: Over 300 yards
    • 4 x AA batteries (included) provide flashing lights for 24 hours

Designed, Developed, Tested and Produced in the UK. The ‘BriteAngle’ Warning Triangle is designed to promote safety by its proper use and does not guarantee that a collision will be avoided or physical injury from a road accident will not occur. Proper use of ‘BriteAngle’ is to place in a visible position in accordance with the road users legislation in the country of use. Following its application all vehicle occupants should vacate the vehicle and take up a safe position away from the road and traffic. Always store the ‘BriteAngle’ in the case provided, failure to do so may result in damage to the product and so affect its performance and condition.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 4.5 × 2.0 in


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