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The Best Roadside Emergency Warning Triangle 


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 A vehicle breakdown can be terrifying and dangerous!

     BriteAngle LED Warning Triangles have revolutionized roadside safety.  Reflective triangles depend on headlights from oncoming traffic to be seen.

     BriteAngle flashing lights are seen 300 yards day or night in fog, rain, snow or smoke.  Oncoming traffic knows to SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER.


         BriteAngles provide an extra margin of safety in

        a variety of deployments

Long Haul Trucks

Truckers supplement three reflector triangles they carry with one BriteAngle to protect their six figure rigs



BriteAngle mounted on cone

 Construcition and Public Works projects use BriteAngles for temporary traffic control

See how traffic cone mounting brackets expand BriteAngle usefulness  

BriteAngles deployed in roadside emergency

Night time visibility is critical in any roadside emergency

Happy Customers

     “We used ours last night to keep my sons’s best friend safe and highly visible after he was involved in an accident and his car was in a dangerous position.       Quick and easy to use, excellent product.”                                                         Ginette



      “The BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle is worth every penny – I can see why it’s won so many awards!  Don’t waste your money on those cheap, flimsy versions you see on Amazon. 

   The perfect Christmas gift for my car-loving other half who always wants the best for his car!”                                                                  Julie


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