Be Safe – Be Seen!

The Ultimate Active LED Road Safety Warning Triangles


BriteAngle – The Ultimate Active LED Road Safety Warning Triangles – They Could Save Your Life

The BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle has revolutionized roadside safety, and is the highest quality, most reliable warning triangle available for all road users. Where conventional warning triangles depend on the headlights of oncoming traffic as well as the correct beam angle of those headlights to highlight a person’s whereabouts, the BriteAngle LED warning triangle does not leave safety to chance. Its LED powered lights can be seen from up to 300m away day or night, can withstand winds of up to 45mph and can be assembled in seconds.

Also, with its built-in switch mechanism road users will have peace of mind that the battery will not accidentally run out when in storage. The protective case doubles up as the triangle’s stand and has a storage compartment that contains a bracket and suction cup, so the triangle can be placed on the back of a car, truck, van or motorhome as well as on the ground.

Even in daylight, a broken-down car isn’t as visible as you might think – it may not be obvious to oncoming traffic that you are stationary (until it’s too late). Using a warning triangle when you breakdown reduces the risk of an accident (for both you and oncoming traffic). In the USA, it is recommended drivers carry a warning triangle, while many countries around the world have made it a legal requirement. LED Road & Traffic Signs are more visible and helps save lives.

Older passive warning triangles reflect the light from a motorist’s headlights, BriteAngle uses active LED lights, increasing the effective distance and time to be seen, helping to avoid a potential accident. All Weather, Day and Night Use – Viewing Distance: Up to 300m – Uses 4 x AA batteries (included) BriteAngle Warning Triangle Size Unfolded: 450mm x 450mm x 450mm

BriteAngle can be Set Up and Working in just Seconds, Stable & Bright. The High Intensity Flashing LEDs Brings you Safety in a Jiffy. Being Seen is the Key to Keeping Safe – Best Road Traffic Signs. BriteAngle stays sturdy and stable in winds of up to 45mph, so you won’t have to run after it in a storm. BriteAngle’s flashing, high-intensity LEDs can be seen for up to 300 meters in all weathers, day and night. Sturdy and stable in winds of up to 45 mph. Now that’s a clever warning triangle.